Over the past five years we have worked exceptionally hard to tailor educational and work placements to suit each and every learner we work with.

It is amazing to see how far the students come from when we first meet them up until they finish on our programme. Here are some accounts from our most successful students and their stories:


Learner A was highlighted by her Local Authority as a young person that would benefit from our work placement programme. Since joining in February 2019, Learner A has experienced a range of our alternative education provisions Work N Learn have to offer. In addition to the educational provisions Learner A began her work placement in SEND Primary School in which she strived in and has, on several occasions, been praised for her hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.

Since the start of 2020, Learner A has been juggling her work placement with her education and continuously worked hard to ensure her standard of work is excellent. As she headed towards the end of Year 11 Learner A started to think about her post 16 education and decided that she wanted to continue to work in the field of Childcare.

With this future career in mind, Learner A worked hard to ensure she would be on track to gain the grades needed to apply for a Childcare apprenticeships. The hard work, dedication and enthusiasm Learner A displayed during her work placement did not go unnoticed and she was offered a Childcare Apprenticeship at the school she went completed her work placement with.

Learner A’s journey is inspirational, Learner A has said if it wasn’t for Work N Learn she would have never had the opportunity to study as well and gain work experience in her desired field of employment.


Learner B joined Work N Learn in November 2018 and has since been able to attend a range of work placements in order to gain a variety of experiences in various occupational areas. These areas include Childcare, Retail and Hospitality.

It was within Learner B’s Hospitality work placement where she excelled and learnt some invaluable skills which she will be able to transfer into whichever field she goes into.

Whilst being on work placement Learner B has also engaged in alternative educational provisions in order to ensure she gets the grades to go onto study at College and has also completed a Work Skills Qualification in her own time which she can also utilise in the future.

As a result of all the hard work and efforts whilst at each work placement and educational setting, Learner B has been offered a college place within her desired subject.

Learner B utilised the support we provided to gain experience within her desired field of employment and to better her CV by completing other qualifications in which most students of her age do not have access to.


Learner C joined Work N Learn in March 2017 with the need to find him a hands-on work placement.

Since finding him a work placement in a car garage local to Learner C, he has strived and been praised for his hard work whilst at placement.

Since starting his work placement Learner C has been able to gain experience within the field of Mechanics and identify the requirements to gain an Apprenticeship within the field.

We continue to support Learner C and will continue to do so during his last year of school by supporting him in applying for post 16 education in the Mechanics field and providing him with any other work experience he sees necessary.


Learner D joined Work N Learn in November 2019 with a keen interest and passion to work within the field of Construction. With this passion in mind, Work N Learn identified a work placement, local to him, with an electrician’s company. Learner D has excelled within the work placement and has been praised for his motivation to work, enthusiasm and quick thinking.

Whilst on work placement twice a week Learner D also… From his work placement he was able to gain hands on experience and understand what academic grades were needed to gain a college place within a similar field. Due to the experience on work placement and his continued hard work at school, Learner D has been offered a college place to study Bricklaying.

Since leaving Work N Learn Learner D and his family have thanked our team for our support throughout his time with us and have said that by providing Learner D with the work placement experience helped Learner D to solidify his choices when applying to colleges.

Learner D’s family have also commented to say that when on his college interview having some work experience in a similar field helped to show his passion, hard work and dedication to the field of work which the college was impressed by.