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Aug 26, 2020

Learner D

Learner D joined Work N Learn in November 2019 with a keen interest and passion to work within the field of Construction. With this passion in mind, Work N Learn identified a work placement, local to him, with an electrician’s company. Learner D has excelled within the work placement and has been praised for his motivation to work, enthusiasm and quick thinking. 

Whilst on work placement twice a week Learner D also… From his work placement he was able to gain hands on experience and understand what academic grades were needed to gain a college place within a similar field. Due to the experience on work placement and his continued hard work at school, Learner D has been offered a college place to study Bricklaying.
Since leaving Work N Learn Learner D and his family have thanked our team for our support throughout his time with us and have said that by providing Learner D with the work placement experience helped Learner D to solidify his choices when applying to colleges. 

Learner D’s family have also commented to say that when on his college interview having some work experience in a similar field helped to show his passion, hard work and dedication to the field of work which the college was impressed by.


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