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Aug 26, 2020

Learner A

Learner A was highlighted by her Local Authority as a young person that would benefit from our work placement programme. Since joining in February 2019, Learner A has experienced a range of our alternative education provisions Work N Learn have to offer. In addition to the educational provisions Learner A began her work placement in SEND Primary School in which she strived in and has, on several occasions, been praised for her hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. 

Since the start of 2020, Learner A has been juggling her work placement with her education and continuously worked hard to ensure her standard of work is excellent. As she headed towards the end of Year 11 Learner A started to think about her post 16 education and decided that she wanted to continue to work in the field of Childcare.
With this future career in mind, Learner A worked hard to ensure she would be on track to gain the grades needed to apply for a Childcare apprenticeships. The hard work, dedication and enthusiasm Learner A displayed during her work placement did not go unnoticed and she was offered a Childcare Apprenticeship at the school she went completed her work placement with.

 Learner A’s journey is inspirational, Learner A has said if it wasn’t for Work N Learn she would have never had the opportunity to study as well and gain work experience in her desired field of employment.


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